Case Study - 82% reduction in The Migraine Disability Assessment test


After 18 years of daily headaches and weekly migraines, a 38 year old self-employed female, has now been migraine free for nearly 5 months and recorded an 82% improvement on her Migraine Disability Assessment test (a scientifically validated test for measuring migraine disability).



A 38 year old, mother of two, and account manager in her family business had had migraines on average, once a week for 18 years.  Her migraine symptoms included vomiting, low tolerance to light, noise and smells.  She also experienced sensitivity in her head. 

As well as the migraines, she had daily headaches that rated an average of 4- 6 out of 10.

She had tried different medications from her doctor and a specialist, but wasn’t taking anything because she hadn’t found any benefit from them.

She had also tried chiropractic, naturopathy, and acupuncture and estimated she had spent over $20,000 on treatment over the years.  Nothing gave her any lasting relief from her migraines.



This person did our 6 month Migraine Prevention Program.

We treated her skull and upper neck with Osteopathic Cranial technique.  We also treated her spine and pelvis to restore alignment to the rest of her body.

Her food intolerance blood tests showed significant food intolerances including milk, eggs and certain nuts.  We changed her diet significantly and worked in with her to find new achievable alternatives.

We prescribed certain supplements to reduce the intensity of any flair ups in headaches.  We also gave her breathing and stress management exercises.



For the last 4 and a half months of the 6 month program, she was migraine free.  Her daily headaches persisted, but were only rated 1-2 out of 10, a 30% reduction in pain from her initial rating.

The Migraine Disability Assessment test scored 24, down from 182 – a 82% reduction.  The biggest reduction was in the question:

On how many days in the last 3 months did you not do household work (such as housework, home repairs and maintenance, shopping, caring for children and relatives) because of your headaches

- Previous score – 90 days

Score after program – 10 days (An 89% reduction in days)