Case study - a 93% reduction in migraines


With this long standing and severe case, we have achieved a 93% reduction in her migraines and a 90% reduction in normal headaches.



Sonya, is a 43 year old, high achieving, corporate executive, who came to us with a long standing migraine problem.  She had suffered a migraine almost every week, and had a constant headache since a car accident 15 years ago.

She was taking strong medication just to get by:

- 10 - 12 Mersyndol forte every day,

- Endep twice a week. 

- for about 8 years she was going to hospital once a month.

Her weekly migraines gave her symptoms of: difficulty speaking, loss of balance, excruciating head pain, inability to tolerate noise and lots of vomiting.

Most days she would come home from work and just sleep, though sometimes she would get manic and have to clean the house completely before she went to bed – unable to relax until it was done.  Her relationships with her husband and work colleagues had suffered over this time.

She spent well over $50,000 trying different treatments: Chiropractic, physio, massage, reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, a psychologist and a psychiatrist, reflexology, a new bed ($3000) and pillow($500), hypnotherapy. 

Finally she found that spending $2000 on getting botox injections in her face and head gave her some temporary relief from her migraines (but not her headaches), until they wore off.

She came to us seeking a more permanent solution which didn’t involve painful injections into her face.

We did the following in our Migraine Prevention Program:



We released an enormous amount of tension that we found in the muscular system around her skull with very specific and gentle Osteopathic Cranial technique. 

In her first 3 treatments alone she found that the migraine symptoms she came in with had almost gone by the end of the treatments.



We restored her spinal alignment by correcting a muscular imbalance all the way down to her pelvis. This was causing her spine to slightly ‘twist’.  This ‘twist’ was directly putting more pressure on the top of her neck and into the trigeminal nerve system in her head.



We refined her diet eliminating food she was sensitive to that she was unaware of, and boosting deficiencies a simple vitamin D supplement.



We rebalanced her lifestyle by changing her fitness pastimes.  After trialing different things, we found we were able to switch her from bootcamp and lifting weights at the gym, to walking and yoga classes.  We also got her doing some simple breathing exercises for times of stress.  This helped reinforce the other changes.



9 months after finishing her program with us, she had had only 3 migraines (a 93% reduction).  These came about during periods of high stress and had less severe symptoms than she used to get.

Instead of a headache everyday, she now only averages one every two weeks (a 90% reduction).  These are now completely relieved by medication, whereas previously they were only reduced.

At her last consultation she had not had a headache of any kind for 4 weeks