Is the pain & unpredictability of migraines stopping you from enjoying life? 

Tired of not getting improvements from the different treatments you've tried?

Want to stop constantly taking medication?


If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, we are here to help.  

There are a number of studies showing 'drug-free' interventions have reduced migraine frequency:

  1. Manual therapy that reduces muscular tension* 
  2. Various diet related factors.
  3. Various herbs or dietary supplements
  4. Exercise
  5. Other lifestyle factors.

But there are so many options for migraine treatment; where do you start?  Which one or ones are right for you?

We help you through the process of identifying what your triggers are and tailor a program that may be able to help you reduce the frequency of migraines in your life.  

Reducing your migraines releases you from the pain they cause and debilitating effects they have on your work and the things you love doing.  

Being migraine-free gets you back to feeling awesome again!

Our treatment programs are designed by qualified osteopaths with post-graduate training in cranial techniques and with a special interest in migraine treatment.  We sometimes also use other practitioners who are experts in certain fields.

Learn how different areas of your body and lifestyle may be causing your migraines:  

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