Study shows Osteopathy may be better than medication for migraine reduction for some people

A study published in the Journal of Complimentary Medicine has compared having Osteopathy against taking medication from their neurologist for migraine prevention.

The Osteopathy group had a:

- 95% reduction in migraine frequency

- 80% of people stopped taking medication

The medication prescribed by a neurologist group had no improvement.

For more details, watch the presentation below:

Clinical trials showing benefit from osteopathic treatment for migraine

Case Study - 82% reduction in The Migraine Disability Assessment test


After 18 years of daily headaches and weekly migraines, a 38 year old self-employed female, has now been migraine free for nearly 5 months and recorded an 82% improvement on her Migraine Disability Assessment test (a scientifically validated test for measuring migraine disability).