Never before has there been such a co-ordinated approach to the treatment of migraines

Dr Cameron Kealy

MigraineSolutions is the culmination of a life’s work for Dr. Cameron Kealy.  After years of seeing the frustration and desperation endured by migraine sufferers, Dr. Cameron Kealy was moved to find a full solution to this debilitating and sometimes devastating affliction. He observed the cycle of unfinished and incomplete therapies undertaken by many patients, including reliance on medication that treats the symptoms but not the cause, side effects from medication taken and drugs that simply don’t work.     

Under Dr. Kealy’s direction, the expert therapists at MigraineSolutions have designed the 4 Step Migraine Prevention Program. This is a revolutionary program bringing together techniques from different disciplines, proven to reduce the incidence of migraines.

Dr Cameron Kealy has nearly twenty years’ experience working in private practice, with an expertise in treating migraines. He has done post-graduate studies in both the USA and Australia and has lectured at Victoria University at a Masters Level in Osteopathic treatment since 2006.

Committed to finding solutions for migraine sufferers, Dr Kealy has also completed 15 courses in Osteopathic Cranial technique and the Biodynamic approach to cranial treatment.

Dr. Kealy’s ambition for Migraine Solutions is to make a significant and lasting contribution to the treatment of migraines, for sufferers everywhere.

Sally Mathrick 

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Naturopath Sally Mathrick is dedicated the principals of healing naturally. As the senior Naturopathic consultant at MigraineSolutions, Sally’s mission is to support the long term restoration of your health and contribute to the prevention of your migraines.

Sally and the team will complete a total health audit, reviewing your migraine and health history, conducting physical examinations, and analysing your food intake and pathology. A trained Yoga instructor, Sally can also teach breathing exercises and lifestyle practices for migraine prevention and to ease migraine pain.  

Sally Mathrick is a university trained Naturopath. She has lectured at a tertiary and vocational levels and is a corporate and workplace wellness consultant. In practice since 2003, Sally is regularly called upon to provide natural health advice to the media via radio segments, magazines, newspapers and online publications. Sally writes a detox column for Wellbeing Australia Magazine and is also the Associate Editor of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Textbook.

In additional to her Bachelor of Naturopathy, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Remedial Massage. 

The MigraineSolutions Support Crew

Depending of the individual needs of your 4 Step Migraine Prevention program, MigraineSolutions may also enlist the support of a team of health experts including Personal Trainers, a Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor and published Author Pauline Rooney.