Releasing muscle tension in other parts of your body may help you relax the muscles in your neck.

Leading low back researcher Andry Vleeming for example describes how low back strain usually also results in a tightening of neck muscles.

Thus you may be able get a greater relaxation of the muscles in your neck by doing manual therapy to these other areas of your body that have been strained, such as your low back.

Manual therapy has been shown that it may be beneficial for migraine prevention, and our team can complete a full body assessment looking for restrictions in your whole muscular and skeletal system.

This approach, of releasing muscular tension where it is found in the whole body was used in a study that found that it may be beneficial for migraine reduction* .

We can assess your needs and see if this approach may be useful for your situation.  If necessary we can tailor a program for you using massage, manipulation, and gentle indirect techniques.

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*Cerritelli F, et al. Clinical effectiveness of osteopathic treatment in chronic migraine: 3-Armed randomized controlled trial. Complement Med (2015)