Case Study - 95% reduction in headaches frequency.


A 29 year old project manager went from quitting her job due to headaches to being able to go back to work.   She had a reduction in intensity and approximately 95% reduction in frequency in her headaches.


Case Study – “Lori”

Lori is a 29 year old project manager.  She had developed daily headaches, and nausea in the morning.  The pain of the headaches was intense and would go from the back of her head to behind her eyes.

These headaches continued to get worse and 8 months later, they got so extreme that she was forced to quit her job due to the disability they were causing her.

Her neurologist diagnosed her with “daily persistent headache” as CT scans, MRI’s and blood tests all came back negative.  Apparently there was nothing serious wrong with her.

Looking for a solution, she tried massage, steroids medications, a specialist physiotherapy Headache Centre, detox diets, Endep medication, and other therapies, but she was still unable to return to work when she presented to us 3 months later.


Our examination found that Lori had significant tightness and tension around her face and nasal and fascial bones.  (She had broken her nose 20 years ago as a child which was a factor in this.)  Many therapies wouldn’t look here for tension, but to us this was a significant finding.

Treatment involved releasing the whole skull, facial bones and upper neck.  This alone was not enough to fix the problem though.  It needed to be done in conjunction with releasing the rest of the body.


We found there was significant muscular tightness and loss of alignment in her lower back – even though there was no pain in this area.  We released this area and over time, Lakshmi’s alignment of her whole body was able to straighten out.  This took the pressure off her head and neck and was the defining factor in us relieving her headaches. No one had treated this area before


We sent Lori to get an IgG food sensitivity blood test, which enabled us to identify food triggers that were aggravating her headaches.  We found that certain food were irritating her that she didn’t realise and predisposing her to headaches.  We also found a basic mineral supplement that was able to abort some of her headaches if she took it when they came on.


We had an expert yoga teacher teach Lori some basic breathing exercises and stretches that she could do while sitting at her desk upon returning to work.  She found that doing these was able to give her some immediate relief in her headaches.


After completing our Migraine Prevention Program, Lori was able to return to work.  She was able to do long days standing on her feet and still not get a headache, which had been impossible before.  On our last consultation she reported that she had gone 4 weeks without a headache.  If she did get a headache, she could relate it to eating ‘bad food’, which we had identified from her intolerance testing.  She reported that her body felt more resilient now and could bounce back from stress, whereas previously it could not.